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We partner both with corporates and startups

Case Studies

How Erborian grew their online revenues while reducing costs

Main results:

  • Lower cost by creating a central digital team

  • Increased US E-com revenues by 2x  in 12 months

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How BDteam helped ILV acquire more qualified leads

Main results:

  • Bounce rate -33%

  • Average time per visit +62%

  • Conversion rate +30%

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How Sabon USA  grew it's E-com revenues by +50% with BDteam

Main results:

  • Increased Ecom revenues by 50% YoY during a 2 years partnership

  • Launch +10 projects from Paid social to UGC content, CRO, Amazon

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How BDteam helped YESforLOV grew by 30% YoY

Main results:

  • +30% of global revenues YoY

  • x2 E-commerce revenues

  • Grew team knowledge and expertise

How BDteam helped Bluspark build its digital Sales & Marketing strategy

Main results:

  • Created a target list of +2000 leads and 61 accounts to outreach

  • Launched Linkedin campaigns, 500 leads / week, +30% accept rate

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Our clients say


bdTeam successfully helped us to improve the performance of our online acquisition channels. They provided insights and added-value recommendations and have been able to significantly boost our results while increasing the profitability of our campaigns.

Emilie Burgat
Digital Marketing ILV 

Thanks to bdTeam, we were able to create and implement a very efficient digital marketing strategy driving immediate online revenue growth. We are now thinking digital first.

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Sebastien Guinchard
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Dorothée Massoulier
GM of Erborian

Thanks to bdTeam, I was able to make the right decisions for the mid and long-term saving time and money. They were able to work as an extension of my team to help them go faster and grow our revenues while improving team & partner efficiency.

technology & tools

With our extensive experience building Startups, we are partnering with the most innovative Tech platforms and Startups to help you choose and deploy the best solution for your business

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